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Do you feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed? What if you gained clarity on how to move forward in your life and work?

Coaching helps you to:

Think and work strategically
Communicate clearly
Create work and life balance
Focus on what is most important
Live with more ease and less stress


Do you feel caught on a hamster wheel? Would you like to feel less stress and
more alive?

Learn strategies to:

Harness and manage your energy
Build strong relationships
Live mindfully
Work effectively
Develop a healthy lifestyle



Do you want to bring more creativity into your life? What if you had a coach to help you do just that?

Create practices that:

Open your mind to new ideas and experiences
Spark creative output
Contribute to your well-being
Help you engage with your community

Be Your Best

Now is the time to pursue Life, Career, or Executive Coaching to take your life and career to the next level.

You want to live your life to the fullest. Be successful. Communicate well. Nurture strong and meaningful relationships. Contribute to your community. Live mindfully. Lead effectively.

Coaching sessions with Sue will help you to be your best.

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Books By Sue

Cultivating a Mindful Life

Cultivating a Mindful Life is an e-book available from Smashwords and Amazon.

The Key to the Castle

The Key to the Castle is available from Amazon and Smashwords.

Your Partner

Sue Schleifer, M.A. is a Certified Integral Coach through New Ventures West and has earned the Professional Certified Coach (PCC) credential from the International Coach Federation.

What Sue's clients say:

"Whether in my work or private life, Sue has an uncanny ability to see situations from many different angles. Her attention is complete; she really makes you feel like you matter. If I circumvent an issue, she brings me back to what is important. Sue has become one of my most important teammates. I can tell her anything, never feel judged and always feel supported. It doesn't get better than this!"

"I highly recommend Sue Schleifer as a leadership and life coach. Her integrated 'whole person' coaching approach and straightforward dialoguing technique helped me enormously to better understand where I was in my life and where I wanted to go."

"Sue is warm, friendly and encouraging but also stern and persistent when it's needed. She was nurturing and uplifting while also giving me a few gut-checks that challenged me. Her coaching was exactly what I needed, and I am forever grateful for her contribution to my life."

"Doesn't everyone need a coach? From working with Sue, I'm convinced of it. I am spending more time on the activities that are most important to me and have set aside some old patterns (like worrying too much!) that got in my way. Sue is helping me achieve my interpersonal as well as career goals."